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Brilliant Business Insurance Solutions provides insurance and risk services to the construction industry throughout all of California & Florida. Insurance can play an important role in "on time and on budget" projects. If your insurance coverage is not written properly, your business may not survive financially. Your success depends on good planning whether you're estimating a project, hiring good people, protecting your business with complete commercial insurance or selecting your insurance agent.
We partner with the leading insurance companies that specialize in specialty coverage for the trades and construction industry. We help you address construction risk so you can make your business safer and more profitable.

Chief Solutions Officer- Julie Thompson Karubian

After graduating from Southwestern Adventist University with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, Ms. Thompson-Karubian found the accounting world too confining. Even working at Fortune 500 companies and for the Treasury Department of the Cayman Islands was not enough to keep her interested. She decided to put her business administration experience to real world practical use. She started her own commercial insurance agency from scratch.
Undaunted by the challenge of such a venture, she grew the agency to be the successful business it is today.
As the mother of an autistic son, she quickly saw the need for specialized insurance programs for both parents and the agencies / companies providing care for such children. After 20 years, she is an industry specialist.
Feel free to call Ms. Thompson-Karubian, for further information on how you, too, can avail yourself of the special insurance programs she has to offer

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Master of Insurance Solutions-Richard Stefani CLU

With a business career expanding almost 40 years, Mr. Stefani brings a unique skill set to your table.
In addition to placing almost 1 billion dollars of life insurance in force, Mr. Stefani has operated businesses in a wide variety of arenas. "Find the void in the marketplace, fill it, and you will make money" is one of his favorite lines. Consequently, he has operated businesses in Construction, Weapons Training, Security Consulting, Technology, and Broadcast Media. As a result, his understanding of the challenges facing the small business owner are unique and extremely rare among insurance professionals.

It was this understanding that inspired him to write "Living Trust Ideas". It's a white paper detailing the trigger points and milestones that should be considered by parents who will leave life insurance proceeds for their children. Whether your children are minors or are grown and out of the house, "Living Trust Ideas" is a mind opening document. It will cause you think twice before you merely purchase life insurance and say to yourself, "ok. I'm done".

Living Trust Ideas is free for the asking. Just ask.

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Executive Assistant - Shaun Campbell

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Solutions Liason - Alexander Polonsky

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